With over 330 days of glorious sun no wonder Eilat is such a popular destination for tourists from all over the world

We know a dose of summer sun and a change of scenery can do wonders.
We want you to have a fun-filled holiday that offers excellent value for money: one that you’ll remember for all the right reasons: sun, sand, surf and easily accessible coral reefs; historical highlights; and welcoming Israeli culture. We know from experience, that when it comes providing that holiday, you look to us for a number key things: best advice; best value; best accommodation; and the best possible range of choices when it comes to the hotels on offer. Find out what to do; where to sleep and where to eat in Eilat with us.

Eilat is situated in the most southern part of Israel by the Red Sea and it is the HOT SPOT for international tourism worldwide. Suny beaches almost all year long and very little rain making it the perfect place to spend a vacation in summer and winter. Rare beautiful coral reef; Amazing diving sites, Eilat is on the Egyptian and Jordanian border so you can visit the pyramids and the Petra in a one day tour and come back to Israel. The Israeli desert offers many attractions of tracks and wildlife you won’t meet in any country.

How to find a cheap hotel in Eilat

Finding a cheap hotel in Eilat has never been easier. There are three simple rules to follow so your stay will be fun, exciting and inexpensive. First, ask yourself what kind of a tourist are you? – Do you want to meet new people and stay in a vibrant atmosphere then you should stay in a hostel. Are you a family travelling together? if so what about an all-inclusive hotel in Eilat. Looking for luxury hotels? , There are several luxury hotels in Eilat.

Once you know what kind of a tourist you are.

How do I get to Eilat


Situated at the most southern spot in Israel Eilat is the ultimate road trip. You can drive to Eilat, hike to Eilat, Fly to Eilat and even walk to Eilat in Israel national trail.  If you need to get to Eilat and not sure how to do it this short article is for you. We will start with the most common way: Getting to Eilat by Bus. There are several bus lines form major cities in Israel that will take you to Eilat. Notice to take the express ( direct bus ) to Eilat and not the lines that will be waste of time and money. ‘ Egged ‘ bus lines is the largest transportation operator in Israel and it operates the bus line to Eilat. You can book a drive to Eilat online here or buy a ticket in major cities only: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva. You must remember that it is a long drive and the bus makes several stops for a short rest. Make sure you have water and food. Click here ! to book online tickets to Eilat with ‘ Egged ‘. If you want to fly to Eilat you can only  fly from two places : Ben Gurion airport outside of Tel Aviv or Sde Dov airport inside Tel Aviv. Two airlines have daily flights to Eilat :  Israir air lines and Arkia airlines . If you want to fly cheap compare prices between these two airlines. Prices may be high on the high season but you can find cheap deals. You will land in Eilat’s airport. Driving to Eilat can be fun because it is indeed the ultimate Israeli road trip. The desert landscape is truly amazing and you have a stop in the dead sea.

Airlines that fly to Eilat – Skyscanner