How do I get to Eilat

There are four ways to get to Eilat. You can choose how you want to get to

  • Getting to Eilat by car
  • Getting to Eilat by bus
  • Flights to Eilat
  • Hitchhiking to Eilat

Drive Highway 90 to Eilat

Getting to Eilat by car is one of the best ways to travel Israel. landscapes, attractions and the joy of driving Israel’s Highway 90, Israel’s longest road. Using an international driving license enables you to drive by yourself. Make sure you have enough gas and always check for water and oil since at some parts of the road there only several gas stations. While you will drive to Eilat you will enjoy the desert landscapes and you can make a stop in many places. Click here! if you want to rent a car

Eilat by Bus

Getting to Eilat by bus is a cheap way but its the longest way. There are buses from the central bus stations of these cities that will take you to Eilat. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. Haifa and Beer Sheva central bus stations are the best places to take the express ( direct ) bus to Eilat. Make sure you don’t take the buses that shift and are not express – they can cause you to be on the bus much too long. Be sure to buy the tickets before so you won’t find yourself standing or sitting on the bus floor. Click here! to buy tickets

Flights to Eilat

International flights and local flights will get you to Eilat. In Israel, you can book flights to Eilat from Ben Gurion airport with Arkia Israeli Airlines or with Israir Airlines ( make sure you type Elat instead of Eilat. and you depart from Tel Aviv – which is actually Ben Gurion airport ). Flights will get you fast and sometimes cheap to Eilat. The flight takes about 50 minutes and in some cases 35 minutes.

Hitchhiking to Eilat

You can always hitchhike to Eilat but remember this: Make sure you have plenty of water and that you find a shelter from the sun. During summer: May – September and even October temperatures can be very high. You don’t want to find your self on the road without water. As in any country, try to avoid cars or trucks that look suspicious or drivers that will be over persuasive.