Timna Park

Timna Park is outstanding in its variety of scenic, geological and archaeological sites of global significance. Its acacia trees and other arid-land vegetation, its herds of wild ibex looking out at you from the cliff tops, and its evidence of human activity from antiquity to the present all make Timna Park an incomparable visitor magnet. Various activities await you, including pedal boats on the lake, colored sand bottle craft, making “King Solomon’s stamps” and much more – fun for kids and grownups alike. You’ll also enjoy the delicacies at King Solomon’s Khan restaurant, a souvenir shop and overnight campgrounds.

What to do in Timna Park , Israel

Spiral Hill This hill is named after the spiral that ‘climbs ‘up and around the rock, like a spiral staircase. This is just one example of the various shapes and sculptures created by the natural forces of erosion.

The Mushroom This unique natural sculpture resulted from the erosion of the red sandstone. The more rapid erosion of the bottom created the mushroom-like shape half of the rock. The nearby visitor center portrays the story of the copper-smelting camp located in the valley.

The Arches and the Ancient Mines These sandstone arches are a unique expression of nature’s creativity. The remains of the world’s oldest copper mines are found nearby. Copper was the first metal human beings mined, produced and used. We invite you to enter these ancient mines and discover their secrets for yourselves.

The ChariotsTwo rock engravings from the 14 th – 12 th centuries BCE that depict human activity and wildlife in ancient ears. On the wall inside a small ravine are drawings of Egyptian chariots alongside a hunting scene. In the visitor center, you can observe various rock engravings that were found in and around Timna.

Solomon’s Pillar and Hathor’s Temple These sandstone pillars are a natural part of the cliff wall. They are a typical landscape formation that developed as a result of erosion along cracks in the hard red sandstone. They are named after King Solomon, due to a mistaken early theory that copper mining and production were part of Solomon’s activities in this area. A short walk leads to a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor and ancient engraving that depicts Ramses III making an offering to Hathor.“Canyon of Faces” (The Pink Canyon)

The trail starts from the “Mushroom”, continues through Timna creek, passing by the“Roman Cave”, and ends at the “Arches”. Reddish and pink colored rocks surroundthis special walking path. During the day, you can see various different faces, some stick out proudly and others are hidden in the rocks but once they are exposed, you’ll see nothing but them! En route, you will see the face of Amalek-son of Timna, the face of Timna looking up to the sky, the duck, the Indian, monkey face and many more. You may also find new faces to tell us about
The TabernacleNear the lake, you can visit one of Israel’s most exclusive sites, the Tabernacle Tent. An accurate and authentic life-size replica of the biblical tabernacle, used by the Israelites in the years they wandered through the desert, according to how it is described in the Bible. The visit is by appointment and entails a fee.
Timna OasisTimna Lake is majestically situated at the center of Timna Park. The perfect place to relax under an acacia tree and enjoy the dramatic surrounding landscapes during the day and evening. Enjoy shaded seating areas whilst your children enjoy playing in the Park’s playground, rent a paddleboat or fill miniature bottles of colorful sand to take home as a souvenir of your visit. King Solomon’s Khan restaurant is located on the banks of the lake and offers a range of thirst-quenching beverages and tasty traditional dessert cuisine. Pop into our souvenir \ convenience store, selling a variety of souvenirs and daily use products.

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